We help small businesses learn how to win online.


What We Do

Brennan Media is a consulting firm specializing in Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing.  That sounds nice, but what does it mean, practically?

It means that we educate Small Businesses on the landscape of current trends in Social Media, how to capitalize on them, and how to develop a long-term strategy that will help them repeatedly gain the attention of both current and new customers. 

It also means that we provide services to help Small Businesses put their best foot forward in the areas of Content Marketing (blog posts, web copy, marketing copy, social media copy), Graphics for Social Media and the Web, Photography, Videography, and Audio production.

Essentially, we're a one-stop shop built to make your company look great. 

Why Brennan Media?

We use our creativity, proprietary process, and understanding of current trends to ensure that the custom plans and strategies we prepare for you will exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to take the attention of your potential clients and point it in your direction. Our process includes an audit of your entire web presence, developing a plan of action to improve your reach and engagement, and then iterating on that audit/improvement cycle.

We believe whole heartedly in our process and want to put it into action for you. The attention is out there, we'd like to help you grab it. Click that big button below and let's get to work.